Alyssa & Kevin: Oct 25th, 2009

Alyssa and Kevin’s wedding was a special occasion that was so dear to my heart!  I’ve known Kevin’s family for several years, in fact his mother was my assistant photographer many weddings ago!  It brought tears to my eyes to hear Kevin and Alyssa exchange their own honest, beautiful vows to each other in front of their closest friends and family.  They had a very unique wedding arrangement.  They decided to see each other before the ceremony so they could take all the pictures beforehand.  This allowed them the opportunity to greet their guests as they arrived to the church.  Instead of having a simple wedding ceremony, they decided they wanted to take the opportunity to worship with all their friends and family before proceeding with the nuptials.  I can not think of a better time to praise the Lord for all His blessings and to pray together for the future of two of the Lord’s children that will no doubt do great things in His name.  After the ‘I Do’s,’ we all went outside to see Alyssa and Kevin take a ride around the building on his motorcycle!  Back inside the church, the groomsmen were firing up the grill for a laid-back reception full of burgers, laughter, and apple pie!  Alyssa’s family helped out to make the traditional tiered wedding cake, complete with sugar bells, and homemade apple pie for the groomscake.  Alyssa and Kevin’s first dance as husband and wife was perfect, all the way down to one of the best dips I have ever seen!  Friends and family sent the happy couple off in a shower of sparklers, which put the finishing touch on such an awesome wedding.

Photography By Sabrina


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