Tennessee to Texas: What a Trip!

I had the wonderful opportunity to take a quick vacation to Texas a couple weeks ago.  One of my best friends, Paula,  lives there.  When I found out her daughter was having a baby, I was thrilled and started planning a way to get down there for her first pictures. 

We had so much fun in Dallas!  I photographed five generations, a 50th birthday party, a newborn, and all the blooming blue bonnets you could find.  Setting up a make shift studio came to be a slight challenge at first, but we had some amazing lighting and captured some new creative poses!  Spring is in full bloom in Texas.  We took a trip out to the farm, walked through fields of blazing blue bonnets, and photographed the horses and donkeys as they grazed in the never-ending meadows.

Coming back from the trip, however, was a disaster!  I’m so thankful all my appointments the next day were so flexible.  My first flight was delayed for technical trouble in the air circulation unit.  I was waiting for them to fix the problem, when they cancelled the entire flight due to weather and they weren’t putting me on another flight until the next morning.  Friday’s weather was awesome and I knew I would get home on time, until I saw the maintenance guy talking to the crew.  Sure enough, we were asked to deboard this plane due to mechanical problems as well.  Another 2 and half hours later, they found another plane to take our exhausted group to Knoxville.  Despite the difficulties getting home, I had  great laughs and captured priceless moments for my best friend!

Here is Ava’s beautiful birth announcement.  Just a few of Ava’s best moments shining through!  Please enjoy the video of the entire trip in High Quality and allow enough time for buffering for the best viewing experience.



~ by photosbysabrina on April 21, 2009.

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