Las Vegas PMA Convention

What a great week! Stephen and I recently got back from an awesome trip to Las Vegas. We attended the three day Photo Marketing Association convention. The PMA consisted of many manufacturers and distributors ranging from Canon, Nikon, Tamron, and Fuji to name a small sampling.

The convention was incredibly informative, and we are actually still sifting though piles of brochures. Stephen and I were thrilled to check out the newest camera products! I even found a fantastic new company that makes camera bags and products marketed specifically to woman photographers. I purchased a gorgeous red leather rolling camera bag that is incredibly chic! Perfectly conformed deep pockets cradle all my cameras and lenses delicately. For anyone who is interested in unique professional products check out Jill-e. We also found very practical items such as light panels for creative lighting, radio flashes, and an ever-useful camera sling. Overall, thee days were not enough to take in all that was in the two floors of the convention center, but we had a great time anyway!


One of my favorite moments was actually before the convention started. Stephen and I traveled to the Valley of Fire, just outside of Las Vegas with two of our good friends. The valley is Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. The name was derived from the beautiful red sandstone formations and the heat of the Mojave Desert. We drove around the park discovering petrified wood and Indian petroglyph that dates back over 3,000 years. A petroglyph, as you can see in my photograph, is created by removing part of the rock surface through carving, engraving, or scraping off certain areas to reveal an image. Hiking off the paved road, we came across a Desert Bighorn Ram! He proudly stood high above, balancing precariously on a cliff edge as he looked curiously down upon us. Watching, and photographing quickly, the striking creature dropped off the sheer edge and began to run straight toward us! Perfectly built for speed and agility, take a look at Stephen’s captivating photograph of this majestic animal through his lens.



~ by photosbysabrina on March 19, 2009.

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