Trash the Dress In Style

At the recent Premier Bridal Show show in Knoxville, Photography By Sabrina ran a free give-away for a Trash the Dress in Style photography shoot.  Although we had a couple brides look pretty confused (as well as several horrified mothers) about the thought of ruining the wedding dress, the turnout was a success!  Congratulations to Katie Campbell who won the photo shoot!

A Trash the Dress shoot is a new trend that has quickly emerged in the photography world.  It is also known as The Day After Photos, Drown the Gown, or Urban Wedding Photography.  The trend originated from destination weddings that were held on the beach.  The day after the wedding, the couple and the photographer go and ‘play’ in the water or sand creating unique images that capture the true essence of the moment that they can share from that day forward. 

Why trash your own Vera Wang?  A similar article ran in the June 10, 2007 issue of the New York Times and comments that ” brides have long had an admittedly complicated relationship with their wedding gowns, which they struggle to find, spend a small fortune on, and sweat over making fit properly — all for a fabric confection that is typically worn once.”   This photo shoot allows the bride and groom to express themselves in a more creative way though photography after the wedding day.  It is also a fun way for the brides to get their money’s worth and wear it again!  The official Trash the Dress site describes the shoot as an outlet for “creation, not destruction.”  That is what we strive for as well.  All of our brides in the video simply had their dresses cleaned and preserved after the shoot.  They look as if they have never been worn!

Everyone involved with the Trash the Dress in Style shoot had a blast!  Rebecca and Stephanie, our beautiful brides, were glowing with excitement during that crystal blue day in September.  We started off in the rocks and river down by the Convention Center.  The girls took off their shoes and walked across the rocks with bright parasols.  The contrast of the large rocks and flowing water to the eye-catching parasol colors with their pristine white gowns create an unique mountainous look, right in the middle of Knoxville!  As the girls waded through the pond in front of the Sunsphere, their dresses danced delicately across the surface of the water.  They laughed out loud as they ran though the fountains in World’s Fair Park holding a large red umbrella.  Truely a photographer’s dream!

Later that day, Natalie and Matt took our Trash the Dress shoot to the extreme!  Down at the lake, Natalie glided gracefully in her veil and gown into the water…on a wakeboard!?  As Matt smoothly slipped off the boat in his tuxedo and life jacket, the Malibu revved it’s engine.  Quickly popping up and out of the water, the couple carved the wake to get closer and hold hands!  They day ended into a gorgeous orange sunset, what a perfect day!

I think I have talked it up enough, take a look for yourself!  Alex Oliver with JAO Productionsfilmed and produced the video.  Keep and eye out for this up and coming talent!!

Please click on ‘Watch in High Quality’ for the best viewing experience!



~ by photosbysabrina on January 26, 2009.

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